VAT before and after Brexit

August 29th, 2018
Businesses that buy goods from the EU or export goods to the EU would be advised to read the recent guidance from HMRC t... Read this article >>

Where there is a Will…

August 28th, 2018
None of us relish the thought of our own demise which probably explains why approximately 70% of us have not made a Will... Read this article >>

What has hope got to do with it?

August 22nd, 2018
In a recent tax case, Pallister v Revenue & Customs, Pallister’s son (PJ) was left a share in his deceased par... Read this article >>

Boosting recycling through the tax system

August 20th, 2018
The government has announced that it has received record-breaking support from members of the public to counter the blig... Read this article >>

New ideas from government think tank

August 15th, 2018
At the beginning of August, the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) – a government department charged with coming ... Read this article >>

Tax Diary August/September 2018

August 13th, 2018
1 August 2018 – Due date for Corporation Tax due for the year ended 31 October 2017. 19 August 2018 – PAYE a... Read this article >>

Ask the government to sell property

August 13th, 2018
UK residents can ask for publicly owned land and buildings to be sold if they think that the property is vacant or under... Read this article >>

When is Capital Gains Tax payable

August 13th, 2018
Notwithstanding any of the comments that follow, an individual is allowed to make tax-free capital gains of £11,70... Read this article >>

Changes to rent a room relief

August 13th, 2018
A new test is to be added to the qualifying criteria for rent-a-room relief from April 2019. The test will require that ... Read this article >>

Points based penalties

August 13th, 2018
In the recently published draft clauses that will form the basis of the Budget later this year, HMRC has outlined a sign... Read this article >>