Tax Diary September/October 2019

October 2nd, 2018
1 October 2018 – Due date for Corporation Tax due for the year ended 31 December 2017. 19 October 2018 – PAY... Read this article >>

Passport issues if a no-deal Brexit

October 2nd, 2018
Guidance on the use of a British passport to travel abroad after 29 March 2019, if there is a “no-deal” Brex... Read this article >>

What is a reasonable excuse

October 2nd, 2018
HMRC is still required to obtain certain returns from you even if there is no income or tax to declare. Failure to submi... Read this article >>

Invoice discounting with larger customers

October 2nd, 2018
Suppliers who sell goods and services to larger concerns often find that the terms of their supply, limits or bans the p... Read this article >>

About turn, you can use spreadsheets

October 2nd, 2018
HMRC has about-faced regarding the ban on using spreadsheets to work out your VAT return data from 1 April 2019, when th... Read this article >>

Not so trivial

October 2nd, 2018
Options for reducing the impact of taxation on our earnings are somewhat limited. That said, there are still opportuniti... Read this article >>

Powers of attorney

September 27th, 2018
As we will possibly live on until our 80s and beyond, and as that may involve coping with disability of one form or anot... Read this article >>

Cash is king

September 25th, 2018
If the present wrangling over the terms of our exit from the EU result in terms that disadvantage UK businesses, what ca... Read this article >>

Selling the garden shed?

September 20th, 2018
When you are selling your home, you are likely to be selling a range of fixtures and fittings. For example: • White... Read this article >>

Evidence or assertion?

September 17th, 2018
In a recent tax case, three taxpayers asserted that cleaning costs of work clothes amounted to £2,200 a year and H... Read this article >>